Assistant Commissioner, ABF Workforce Command

Sharon joined the Australian Border Force (ABF) in February 2017 as the Commander, Specialist Investigations and Coordination Branch, Enforcement Command, with responsibilities including counter-terrorism border-related investigations, investigation and enforcement actions for counter-proliferation activities relating to the export of controlled items, border-related financial crime investigations, and investigations and enforcement operations relating to the import of illicit tobacco into Australia. On 6 December 2017, Sharon was appointed Assistant Commissioner, Enforcement Command. Sharon led the Field Operations, Removals and Investigation functions for the ABF, with responsibility for enforcement operations relating to the movement of a range of people and goods across the border continuum.

In January 2020 Sharon commenced as Assistant Commissioner, ABF Workforce Command, responsible for ABF workforce management, recruitment, innovation and strategic workforce planning; developing and delivering the vocational and leadership learning and curriculum for frontline officers through the ABF College; and managing the ABF’s operational readiness and operational safety programs, including policy, systems, training, uniforms and armouries.

Prior to joining the ABF, Sharon worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for 22 years, specialising in national and regional security issues, as well as international engagement and representation through postings to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand. During her time in DFAT, Sharon worked on issues including counter-terrorism, counter people smuggling and counter-proliferation, as well as regional capability building activities. She also led Branches responsible for Southeast Asia, Transnational Issues, North Asia and Learning and Development programs.