The Australia and New Zealand Society of Evidence Based Policing held its inaugural conference on 2 March 2015 at the Australian Institute of Police Management, Manly, Australia.

The Society was fortunate to secure Professor David Weisburd (George Mason University), Mr Peter Neyroud (Cambridge University), Professor Lorraine Mazerolle (University of Queensland), Chief Superintendent Alex Murray (Chair of the UK SEBP) and Assistant Commissioner Peter Martin (Chair of the ANZ SEBP) to present at the conference.

The conference identified opportunities and challenges in the UK, US & ANZ to undertake research in relation to evidence based policing.  Further to that six short shot presentations were provided to highlight experiments or research throughout Australasia.  Another highlight was the opportunity to ask questions of an expert panel for evidence based policing.  The day concluded with a display of research posters forum and closing reception.

A detailed agenda can be downloaded here:  AGENDA

Copies of the short shot presentations can be found below: