The AIPM are proud to announce that the Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM) has entered into an agreement with the University of Cambridge (UoC) to offer the prestigious Cambridge Police Executive Program (CPEP), for the first time in Australia. Previously, students enrolled in Masters of Studies (M.St) in Applied Criminology and Police Management were required to attend six residential lecture blocks in Cambridge, U.K, incurring significant travel time and costs.  Under our new arrangement, it is planned that students will be able to attend four of these residential phases at the AIPM campus at Manly, NSW, significantly reducing jet lag and travel expenses.  In the initial transition year, students will attend the first residential in Hong Kong, as opposed to Manly, which presents an incredible opportunity to commence international studies and forge lasting international networks.Attached for your information is a letter outlining additional information in relation to the program and a 2 page flyer highlighting the program itself.

Nominations for this program now close on 27 April 2018.

If you are interested in receiving additional information, or would like to nominate a participant, please contact our education services team at