A world first collaboration of SEBP’s has seen police officers and staff, researchers and supporters of Evidence Based Policing from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada come together to look at policing challenges that impact across the globe. More now than ever before, policing needs to be evidence based, and to make strategic policy and operational decisions that are informed and underpinned by the best available evidence.

The aim of this collaboration is to share a selection of robust evidence that informs a conversation across countries on the impact of crime and social issues of the day. In this first collaboration we looked at family harm in the context of Covid-19. During a one hour video-call, we talked about what is happening across different jurisdictions, the biggest changes in police practice in the family harm space as a result of Covid-19 and what police might consider taking from the evidence base to inform strategy in a post Covid-19 environment.

The below document was coordinated by the New Zealand Police Evidence Based Policing Centre, in partnership with The University of Queensland, Cambridge Centre for Evidence Based Policing, KPMG, and SEBP’s from the UK, ANZ and America, supported by the Research Advisory Committee for the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

We hope that this document, and the accompanying podcast and video, fuel conversations in Police jurisdictions across the commonwealth on how we best protect those impacted by family harm.

iSEBP Command Information for Police Leaders: Family Harm PDF

iSEBP Podcast

iSEBP Family Harm Discussion TRAILER (1 minute)

iSEBP Family Harm Discussion FULL LENGTH